3 States, 2 Days, 1 Bike

Forgive me, Fathers, it's been a while since my last ride.

The main problem is not having a bike on the road. It can hold you back, you know?
This was remedied by a very good mate leaving his FJR1300 down here while he went back to Queensland for a while.
I promised to rotate his tyres regularly for him.

So we end up with the June long weekend coming fast.
I sat back on the Friday night and googled somewhere to head.
I wanted to make this a big run and really get out of town.
I decided West was the go and would head off in the morning.

Getting out of town at Sparrow's Fart is the best idea on along weekend that promised caravans and land barges all over our fine roads.
Of course, the predators will follow the grazing herds. So a weather eye was kept out for the lads with the chequered stripes on the doors.
Well, it would be later on any way.

I still hadn't settled on a destination or a plan, so just headed West.
I went around the bay and ran down the freeway towards Geelong.
By the time I got to Little River I had had enough of that rubbish and swung off for parts unknownish.

I swang up through Brisbane Ranges National Park and onto the Glenelg Highway.
Fantastic long open backroads. children, demerit points and the environment were not though of from here to Hamillton.

A quick bite at Hamilton and a decision to be made.
Where should I go from here?
I decided not to answer and headed out again.

I spotted a sign for Casterton. A mate of a mate owns the pub there so I thought it only courteous to drop in and introduce myself.

A cleansing ale, a smoke, and I was gone again.
I love riding with the visor up particularly through areas like this. The fresh smell of the bush after rain is one of the greatest things this country has to offer those who dare to go and taste it.

As I was revelling in the road, the bike and all the green around me I was quite surprised to see a road sign welcoming me to South Australia.
What? How? .. Wait! What?
How many times had I filled the tank?
Where did I stop?
Hmm.. No idea. Didn't matter, I was here now.

I switched north and headed for Naracoorte.
I pulled up in the main drag for a smoke and a stretch.
I thought about looking for a pub room for the night and checked the time.
This also threw me out, I thought it must be a lot later than lunch time.
Beauty! Plenty more roads to cover today.

There is a little town out the back of Ballarat called Trentham that I had promised myself to see one day.
So that's where I headed.
I rolled into town the long way at about 7.00 and headed straight for the pub.
$30 for a pub room sounded fine. They do a good counter meal the locals are friendly.
Later on, 2 brothers decided to settle a family matter in the main bar.
These guys were the typical country boys raised on good food in clean air. ie monsters.
It's been a long time since I've seen a blue like that one. I felt the hits from 20 feet away.
The blokes punched like steam hammers.
All part of that small town charm, don't you know.

 This is what $30 gets you in Trentham.

Day 1: 2 States, 965km, 12.5 hours.

More to come..

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